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SME Resource

Why us

So why us? Managing and growing an SME in today’s environment can be tough. As smaller businesses we have a number of strengths: flexibility and swiftness to change, being closely connected to our customers, and operating a lean structure. However we also face a number of challenges that are unique to our size of operation, as a fellow SME, we are well placed to understand the hurdles you face and we are committed to helping you overcome these during our engagement with you.

  • MONEY MANAGEMENT – Cash flow is one of the greatest challenges of an SME, it can be severely hampered by invoicing and collections issues, and credit management.

    So why us? We will inject flexibility into our payment terms and will devise a payment plan that meets our mutual businesses’ needs and requirements.

  • CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIPS –– Loyal customers are a hugely important contributor to an SME’s success; they are less costly to maintain and their influence on other individuals combined with their willingness to recommend can be more powerful than even the most costly marketing campaign.

    So why us? A large proportion of SME Resource’s roots are entrenched in customer experience design and management, we have worked with a wealth of organisations, large and small, across multiple public and private sectors. We know what makes a great customer experience, and we know what it takes to retain valuable customers; we are committed to sharing this insight with you and assisting you in the delivery of a highly successful customer acquisition and retention strategy.

  • BRAND AWARENESS – Getting our companies known and easily recognised in today’s highly competitive environment can be challenging, especially when our access to marketing expertise and large budgets are restricted.

    There are now some 62% of adults worldwide who use some form of social media via computers, smartphones, tablets, game consoles, Internet-enabled TVs, handheld music players and e-readers. When the correct channels are chosen and the content managed properly, social media represents one of the most rapid and cost-effective means a SME can deploy to engage with its customers and build its brand awareness.
    So why us? SME Resource is highly experienced in building effective social media strategies designed to enhance companies’ image and accelerate their brand awareness, we’d love to make this expertise work for you.

  • STAFF RETENTION – Passionate, motivated, and engaged staff are the cornerstone of positive financial performance. However, the relative cost of training, motivating, and retaining staff is greater for our size of company than for one of our larger neighbours or competitors, therefore maintaining low attrition rates is crucial for our companies’ positive bottom-line performance. Furthermore, engaged staff represent amazing ambassadors for our brands and their knowledge and tacit skills appeal to our competitors; as smaller companies we may not always be able to compete so effectively on salary, so it is important that we differentiate ourselves and exploit our assets in a way that appeals to new and existing employees.

    So why us? A significant amount of SME Resource’s past has been spent working with companies looking to better engage and retain, what they correctly see as their most valuable asset, their employees. We have implemented successful staff engagement programs in even the most challenging of environments against a backdrop of financial crises and redundancy. Our knowledge and experience in this area will rapidly become evident as we embark on your staff engagement program with you.

  • RESOURCE CONSTRAINTS – As smaller organisations, we don’t always have access to the resource or skills that a larger organisation might i.e. research, marketing, IT, etc. However, our needs are no less important, it just means that we have to be a little more creative in how we obtain skills and expertise outside of our core competencies.

    So why us? Outsourcing key projects and / or functions to SME Resource not only frees up your time to focus on running your business, it also represents a real potential cost saving when compared to the investment required to hire a specific individual to fulfil that role or requirement.

    We will be incredibly flexible in terms of how we engage with you: One-off projects or continuous support on a retainer basis; off-site at our premises or on-site at yours; fully outsourced or a “blended” team approach. We are all about what works best for your company, your resource, and your budget.

  • REMAINING COMPETITIVE IN THE FACE OF BIG PLAYERS – It can be tough convincing buyers that our operations are geared up to tackle larger projects or fulfil bigger orders, especially when we’re lined up against larger, more established players.

    So why us? SME Resource is highly experienced in bid management and tender writing; and we are well positioned to accurately portray your strengths, competencies, and supplier suitability in a way that optimises your chances of winning the contract. Successful bid writing is a skilled job that involves much analysis, process management, and copywriting; as an impartial third party, your bids will also benefit from our external perspective, a fresh pair of eyes providing new ideas and a different slant on your skills and experience.

    The level of our involvement in your bid process is entirely up to you. We can fully manage your bid or tender response, or we can supplement your bid team by working alongside your staff as writers or reviewers, and making recommendations along the way.