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Managing your own PR

So just how do you promote your small business on a tight budget? How do you get your name out there without spending a fortune? Here we share five principal means of achieving just that:

Targeted press releases: Press releases need to be personalised if they are to connect with the media. Journalists will want to hear about products or services that are relevant to their area of interest and expertise; it’s important to demonstrate how your offering fits with their publication. Ensure your release incorporates the journalist’s name and demonstrates that you understand the market and philosophy of the media you are targeting.

Embrace social media: Social media is a phenomenal platform to engage and connect with potential and existing customers. It provides an instant means for customers to review and recommend your products and services. There is plethora of social media platforms available, however not all of them will be necessarily suited to your business type or targeted customer base. Drafting a social media plan as part of your broader marketing plan will help you decide which channel is best for you.

Make fun videos: Using YouTube you can set up your own account and post your product / service adverts. Amusing and humorous videos are likely to attract people and stick in their memory longer. YouTube videos can be liked and shared, particularly good ones can even go viral, fantastic publicity.

Have a designated media page on your website: Consider building a dedicated media page on your website, that way all of your media coverage is housed in one location that can be easily found. Incorporate photos, video clips, and contact information so that journalists can see what exposure you’ve had already and contact you easily. A media page can also go down well with customers looking for an established and trustworthy supplier.

If at first you don’t succeed … try again: Journalists are busy and likely to be inundated with other companies looking for press coverage. So if they don’t respond to your initial reach out, wait until you have a slightly different angle and make contact again. Timing is everything, your correspondence may just arrive at a time when they need a story.

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