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How to get that enviable work / life balance

A remarkable 75% of small business owners report an improvement in their quality of life since they started out on their own (Source: MORE TH>N Business).

Almost 80% percent of those surveyed claimed they started their own business as a means of changing their work / life balance i.e. they wanted to have more quality time to spend with friends and family. These “lifestyle” entrepreneurs have struck the right balance for them. But how can you emulate this?

Here we provide some tips:

Conduct a life audit: Take a look at what is working and not working in your life. Eradicate as many bad or indifferent activities as you can. Look to increase and enhance the activities that make you happy.

Monitor your time: Keep a record of how you actually spend your time both within your working environment and outside of it. Reorganise the structure of your day and keep reviewing and be prepared to modify it over time.

Treat yourself: Chose a day each week where you can finish work 2 hours earlier than normal and fill that time with an enjoyable activity i.e. sport, time with family and / or friends, etc.

Be realistic: Make a prioritised and realistic list of activities scheduled for the following day. Build in contingency for unforeseen tasks that may need your attention.

Focus: Select times during the day when you do not respond to email or answer the phone. Focusing on work without the interruptions of calls and emails will enable you to increase your productivity and efficiency.

Exercise for mind and body: Exercising 3 times a week can significantly reduce stress and improve concentration, as well as leaving you feeling positive and great.

Consult loved ones: Ask those closest to you how they’d like to see you / your situation change. What do they think could bring the most happiness to you and them.

Connect and re-connect: Look to connect and re-connect with friends and colleagues outside of work. Ask them to join you in activities you enjoy so that you can see more of each other.

Get support: All of the above can be challenging to achieve, gather support from friends and family to help make them happen, the results will benefit everyone!

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