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Staff engagement

Staff engagement is key to a small business' health. Employee turnover disrupts continuity within all businesses, but it puts particular strain on small businesses where resource is more scant and the investment cost of recruitment and training is felt more.

Much of our experience resides in helping companies to create workplaces where employees feel valued; where their purpose is clearly defined and aligned to the organisation; and communication and relationships with leadership and management are strong.

We can help you objectively critique your current employee provision and help you implement small and cost effective changes that can dramatically impact your staff morale, motivation, and ultimately engagement.
Employee research
Richard Branson was recently quoted as saying “Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don't want to”. It is certainly no secret anymore that motivated, engaged, and customer-focused employees are the cornerstone of excellent customer service and therefore positive company financial performance, but how can you retain that talent in which you’ve invested so much? Exactly how engaged are your employees, how do they rate you as an employer, what could you change in their employee experience that would help them function and perform better in their work?

It is to these questions and more that SME Resource can help you find answers. We use a wide range of research methods to obtain vital insight into your employees’ opinions, feelings, and levels of commitment and engagement. And there’s real benefit in obtaining staff feedback and using it to drive positive change for employees, Gallup estimate a reduction in attrition of 14.9% for companies that regularly seek employee feedback compared to those who do not.

As a third party, impartial company, abiding by the DPA and a strict code of conduct, employees instantly realise their anonymity is safeguarded and they can be far more candid and open with their feedback; this results in highly robust and reliable data upon which you can base your staff engagement decisions moving forward.
Employee research is key to uncovering how to drive greater staff engagement
Employee experience
Enhancing the employee experience is paramount to driving greater staff engagement

"Many small companies start with a huge advantage in getting their people engaged because the leaders are so close to the workforce. But as they grow bigger they still need to think about ensuring that employees get the story and the vision, see where they fit in and know that their voice is heard."
Nita Clarke, Engaging for Success

Your employee experience is a set of beliefs that your employees have about your company; it is what they think about certain aspects of their employment, and how they are made to feel as your employees; it is these beliefs and feelings that influence and indeed motivate your employees in their work. Delivering positive employee experiences is not straight forward, but when your company ‘gets it right’ you are well on your way to creating a highly engaged workforce, the benefits of which are well documented.

Employee experience is complex. Why? Because ultimately it involves human beings who are themselves highly complex individuals whose actions and emotions are influenced by a wide variety of internal and external factors. We view internal factors as inherent character traits which serve to define personalities; and external factors as those encounters and circumstances that shape everyday lives.

SME Resource can help you objectively critique your employee experience and determine whether certain aspects could be improved so as to further engage your staff. We have combined industry data with our own comparative insight gained from working with many companies across most sectors, to establish a best practice framework for employee experience. We assess your company’s provision in line with that framework in order to determine strengths and opportunities to further enhance the experience you provide to your staff.
Staff engagement
There can be no doubt, highly engaged staff deliver improved business outputs, not least of which are more loyal customers and enhanced financial performance. The statistics are astonishing: increasing staff engagement can result in an increase in profits of some £1800 per employee (Workplace Research Foundation); a 57% reduction in absence from sickness; and a 50% decrease in attrition rates. Furthermore, companies with engaged employees, are said to outperform those without by some 202%. (Dale Carnegie). However what is perhaps more astonishing is that only some 25% of companies actually have a staff engagement strategy.

SME Resource can work with you to create and implement an effective, long-term staff engagement strategy that focuses on five key considerations designed to enrich your employee experience and drive engagement:
  • We look at your vision and values, helping you to excite and inspire your employees;
  • We look at the opportunities you have for employee personal and professional growth, exploring how these can be enhanced;
  • We look at how you can ensure your employees work as a team and individuals are able to find purpose in their work;
  • We explore your reward and recognition frameworks, improving their effectiveness in influencing positive behaviours;
  • And finally we examine your ability to sustain engagement over time, giving you techniques and strategies to maintain engagement levels as complex and diverse factors influence your employees’ needs and expectations.
Achieving high levels of engagement amongst your staff can be difficult, it requires the optimum combination of people, passion, and persistence, but the results will revolutionise your company.
Employee engagement

“A recent survey entitled ‘Employee engagement: how British business measures up’, discovered that a staggering number of employees do not feel engaged at work, with 48% saying they were only moderately engaged, and 15%claiming to have low – or even no – engagement. With UK productivity standing at nearly 20% below the average for G7 countries (ONS), and considering that 79% of the UK GDP is driven by the service sector, it would seem that employee engagement needs to be urgently addressed.”
The Telegraph

Staff training
Hight levels of staff engagement require employees to be clear on their purpose and how that aligns with the company, this is where staff training is key

“Too often, small-business owners fail to see the value in providing a formal training program. Running on tight budgets, entrepreneurs are focused on the bottom line and think they can do the training themselves. Bad idea.”

Loyal customers and outstanding financial performance are the result of an engaged workforce. Such reliance on employees means that effective organisational learning and development are essential to your company’s success. All of your staff will at some point require a level of help and assistance in order to deliver what is being asked of them and indeed to achieve their own personal career goals.

Successful staff learning experiences are those:
  • where the training or development plans are clear;
  • where employees have been actively involved in determining the knowledge, skills, or abilities gaps;
  • where practical and problem-centred approaches based on real-life examples are used where employees are given opportunities to practice what they’ve learned;
  • where the learning environment is informal and supportive;
  • where the learning opportunity promotes positive self-esteem.
It is these priorities and more that help shape the training we provide to our clients. We have experience of delivering coaching and training across a broad range of customer and business related topics, we will work with you to ensure that our material and delivery is fully aligned with your culture, values, and learning objectives.