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Sales enablement

Successful sales is a deliberate and well thought through activity. Many small businesses that are failing to achieve their desired sales effectiveness do "not" have a sales strategy.

Just some of our sales related services are listed below; they are all aimed towards establishing a structured and cohesive “sales strategy” implemented by “strong and focused leaders”. In just a short space of time we can help you make the kind of changes that will instantly begin to affect your conversion rates and revenue generated.
Coaching to boost sales effectiveness
Driving sales is the simplest way to increase profitability; as such much of a business’ success resides with its salespeople, their knowledge and capabilities; in today’s environment, knowing ‘how to sell’ is not enough!

If your revenues have dipped and you’re not a ‘seasonal’ business and there are no apparent environmental factors at play, it could be an indication that your sales strategies and company goals are inconsistent with one another; or alternatively it could be highlighting the need for some sales coaching.

We can work with your salespeople to define goals and strategies that will maximize sales energy, focus and engagement. We can help them develop habits that allow them to attain their goals, prioritise activities, and optimally manage their time. Perhaps most importantly, we can encourage them to own their development potential, to be able to objectively assess their current capabilities and define their needs for skill, knowledge, and attribute development.
Sales coaching to drive sales effectiveness

“In recent research, coaching was rated ahead of sales training, new customer acquisition and cross-selling/up-selling as being the activity to most influence sales performance. In fact, the findings revealed that high performing companies provide 15 per cent to 20 per cent more coaching than under-performing organisations.”
Training Journal

Sales process and conversion
A well defined sales process is key to sales effectiveness and higher conversion rates
One of the principle reasons that a company's sales effectiveness is poor and revenue targets are not achieved is the lack of a well-defined sales process. An inability to determine where a deal is in the process, can lead to activities being performed that at best, do not advance he sales effort, and at worst, hamper it.

The combination of the internet, social media, and the experience economy has created a very savvy, well-informed customer with high expectations; we can help you understand your target customer’s buying process and how they want to be engaged. We can then help you to create a sales process that is defined by buyer validated actions, not simply on sales person’s interpretation or ‘gut feel’.

Simplicity and flexibility is key throughout:
  • simplicity in order to prevent opportunities sitting inconsistently in different stages of the process due to stages lacking clear definition and pipelines being over-inflated;
  • flexibility such that the sales process can be truly customer-aligned and adapted as customer buying habits and processes evolve.
Sales leadership and management
Effective sales leadership can be the difference between a thriving sales operation and a one that is barely staying afloat. Successful sales leaders are those who set the vision and strategy and define the sales culture of the business.

Data – Vision – Empower: We can work with your sales leadership to help them correctly interpret and manipulate critical sales and market data; define your company’s sales vision and strategy; and empower their teams to deliver against targets.

With our coaching, even seasoned sales leaders will be better able to objectively critique their own performances whilst making improvements in sales effectiveness by setting goals, objectives, and priorities for their teams, and empowering their sales managers and salespeople to succeed.
Strong leadership is essential to sales effectiveness
Effective networking
Networking and relationship building is a key part of prospecting and sales effectiveness

“Successful networking can help you to raise your profile, meet new customers, develop your knowledge or skills, explore new ideas, find investment, establish partnerships, build a presence in other markets and source new suppliers. Given sufficient time and energy, your networks could become one of your business' most valuable assets. Make a start by thinking about your business needs and who could fulfil them.”
Marketing Donut

Networking can represent a fantastic means of boosting sales effectiveness by generating new leads, deepening connections with existing contacts, and acquiring valuable information about the environment in which your business operates.

Surprisingly few SMEs have a networking strategy, and without one, they are failing to tap into an incredibly cost-effective and productive route to market that can generate an astonishingly high proportion of their new business.

We can work with you to define and execute your networking strategy, identifying:
  • your reasons for networking i.e. what do you want to achieve? Generate new opportunities, gather vital information about your market, raise your company profile, etc;
  • how many contacts you need to make to achieve each networking objective;
  • “who” you should be networking with and “where” you can find them.
Not only can an effective networking strategy make up for the lack of a large marketing budget, it can seriously help time-strapped small-business owners determine where to best invest their time and effort based on the potential business benefit attained by them attending a networking event versus the time and resources it takes to be there.