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Business Vitality Check

Today’s business environment is one of unpredictability and rapid change. All business owners need to be asking themselves if their businesses are resilient and able to respond swiftly to the changes enforced upon them. They need to be objectively analysing their progress and their continued ability to deliver upon their goals and objectives.

As business owners, we all want to grow and develop our businesses, but our businesses have varying strengths and limitations. It is our ability to understand and address these challenges and barriers that helps us secure long-term, sustainable success.

So how do we do this? Well, conducting a Business Vitality Check can be a key starting point.
What exactly is a Business Vitality Check?
Essentially a Business Vitality or "Health" Check is an analysis process that provides you with an instant picture of your operation’s current health; importantly it specifically highlights opportunities to capitalise upon and areas requiring attention in order to improve performance or reduce risk.

It is an all-encompassing assessment asking you to consider questions relating to the following areas of your business:
  • Strategy, goals, objectives, success criteria
  • People, management and culture
  • Resources
  • Innovation and IT
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Customer relations
  • Operations, systems, and processes
  • Finance
The result is a comprehensive review of your business, which not only highlights core areas for improvement, but also enables you to prioritise your efforts based on the investment required and the projected return i.e. often it is the previously unconsidered, small, and uncostly changes that can reap significant and immediate benefits.

Such is our belief in the importance of companies undertaking this exercise, that SME Resource offers two ways to conduct this assessment, further details are provided below.

Andrea Collins, SME Resource's Managing Director, explains the benefits of conducting an annual Business Vitality Check

Business Owner Assessment
We have designed a comprehensive framework for business owners who want to assess their own company's health. Consisting of a number of questions centred around key functions within your business, the questionnaire has a scoring mechanism at the end enabling you to evaluate your answers.

This framework is perfect for those business owners new to Business Vitality Checks, or for those who want to get a high-level feel for the kind or subject matter covered prior to embarking on a more detailed and robust assessment with a third party.

Please feel free to download the Assessment tool, complete it, and get in touch if you have any queries.
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SME Resource Assessment
Our Business Owner Assessment is a great first step in highlighting real business growth opportunities and areas of potential risk. However, there are serious benefits to be derived from having an expert and impartial outsider analyse your business in conjunction with yourself and other stakeholders within your company. It can be very difficult to objectively critique your own business, whereas an external and impartial person is able to provide a fresh pair of eyes and an “outside-in” view of your operation, in addition to providing valuable insights gained from working with other companies outside of your sector.

An SME Resource Assessment involves us meeting with you and members of your team to obtain a realistic picture of where you want your business to go, an accurate illustration of your performance to date, and importantly a detailed list of achievable recommendations and interventions that, when implemented, can set you firmly on the road to delivering against your revenue and growth ambitions.

As part of this process, we also embark on external research to help determine your place in your sector, your customers' perceptions, and the level of your brand awareness. As well as feeding back our findings throughout the process, we also encapsulate all data into a detailed report for your reference.

If you would like to have an informal chat to discuss how this option could work for your business, please call 01793 493468 or email us at contact@sme-resource.co.uk.