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We are all about helping fellow SMEs and startups to grow and become more profitable, ultimately to become the best they can be. We provide many different services and wear many different hats to help our clients achieve this goal.

It's our clients' needs and objectives that determine the most suitable role we play and the kind of support we provide; we are often coaches, trainers, project team leads, side-by-side colleagues working towards a shared goal, or even a combination of all four.

Our small business services are very targeted. We believe that there are six primary areas that have the ability to dramatically and positively impact an small business' bottom and top-line revenue, we call these "levers of change". When additional effort and resource is correctly invested and targeted properly in these areas, great things happen! To this end, we offer a number of out-of-the-box and tailored solutions, services, and training programs in each of these six levers of change:

Export Department

Export Department

Business Vitality Check

Business Vitality Check

Services: Marketing Resource

Marketing support

Services: Sales Enablement

Sales enablement

Services: Customer acquisition and retention

Customer acquisition and retention

Services: Staff engagement

Staff engagement