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SME Resource

Our promise

As our client, we promise that we will strive to gain a detailed appreciation of your company and your objectives. We will invest the time to understand your growth, customer and/or employee related challenges, your perceived strengths, and what you see as your barriers and obstacles standing in the way of greater performance.

We promise to work with you to develop custom solutions, designed specifically to address the particular challenge you are facing.

We promise to ensure that our engagements are:

  • SIMPLE: We will provide honest, clear, and transparent terms; We will ensure there is zero ambiguity on roles and responsibilities; and there will be no costly surprises mid-way through our engagement, if we need to do more to achieve the stated deliverable, we will cover the cost;

  • FLEXIBLE: There will be no surprise invoices for 'additional work', any out of scope changes will be subjected to formal change control empowering you to make well informed decisions on our work and direction based on your priorities and budget;

  • BUDGET FRIENDLY: We will always propose the most cost-effective solution for your company; We will endeavour to create a payment schedule that works with your cash flow, and that facilitates effective budgeting and incremental ROI; We will always be open to a 'joint’ or ‘blended team approach where possible, allowing for reduced investment and optimum knowledge share;

  • LOW RISK: We will at all times avoid upfront fees where possible and look to have your project costs phased over time or invoiced on completion of key stages.